How to Turn Play Dates into ME Time

April 11, 2016

As a working mother it is important that my child have friends and get along well with others. MY best asset is a mother who is willing to swap duties with me so that I can get some much needed R&R without having to pay a baby sitter. The more well behaved my child is the more opportunities I have to partake in this hidden gem.


Mind Your Manners

Before my baby was able to walk and talk efficiently I was teaching her manners.  I knew that soon I would need her to mind her manners with another caregiver and I wanted to make this transition as smooth as possible.  My mantra: Listen and follow directions . By her knowing and following these simple rules I made it easier for any other adult to take her on. 



Trust begets trust. Volunteering to take the first swap solo is one of the best ways to stack the cards in your favor. I always volunteer to let a mother have some me time while our children play so that they realize that I have there parental back. Typically when the time comes to reciprocate other mothers are more then happy to take a turn.




It takes a village to raise a kid. Building a strong mommy network has made job and theirs easier. Different Moms Have different strengths. Connecting With moms who have similar need ahas literally be a money saver. We have a mom buddy for every part of our lives. If  we are in need that buddy is just a text message away.




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