Bringing Sexy Back


I was very naive. I know the receipt to keep a man engaged and it so very simple. So I said something stupid early on in my relationship. I said should be able to had sex everyday unless medically I couldn't. Before you get me too much crap let me explain. I have a high sex drive so when I am in a monogamous relationship I am pretty much ready to go whenever but I had never lived with a man until I me my husband. So in my head I had romanticized how I would once I did live with a man. It was going to be on daily. 


What i didn't consider is all the other reason I would want to have sex.


1. I am just too tired

I completely underestimated how tiring it is to run a company, write blogs, raise a child, listen to my husbands needs mentally emotionally and physically, keep a clean and organized house,  volunteer meditate all while staying fit and looking fly. 


Tip: Don't try to do it all everyday. Somedays I am going to be great in one area and sucky in others and it is okay. So when I come home too tired to tango I take a nap and wake him up at midnight or morning sex and get it in early before the day gets away from me.


2. I am not feeling that great about myself

Recently, I broke my ankle and could not workout. Long story short not only did I gain weight but my muscle tone which help my still look okay to myself when a little heavier is MIA Can you say cottage cheese thighs. Apparently, it is not enough to have a gorgeous husband, I also must be attracted to myself in order to feel sexy. No one ever told me that. Another point for Team School of Life. 


Tip: I started dressing myself in ways that when I look in the mirror I look hot to me. I do hair and makeup more often because it makes me feel pretty. I also focus on a part of my body that still got it like my shoulders, collar bone and my face.


3. Sometimen I just don't like him

So no one told me that there are days when I wouldn't like my husband. That some days everything he says and does rubs me the wrong way. I love him still and still want him in my life but that I just annoyed by everything that I once loved about him. Make it kinda hard to want to knock boot. IJS.


Tip: When dating we would just retreat to our separate living spaces but when there is no where to run I run errands.  Thats a perfect day to have a girls day or a me day. Its a anyone but him day. It does pass and I am back to thinking he is the bee's knees in no time. 







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