Dream Team - Picking the right person

October 2, 2015


The National Basket Ball Association (NBA) chooses a “dream team” from the best players in the NBA. They compete against the best teams from around the world. They come from different teams with different approaches to basketball.  Some have played great defense; some have played great offense, and others have scored high points.  All of these men have mastered the fundamentals of Basketball.  By mastering the  fundamentals such as lay ups, footwork, passing, jump stops, pivots, blocking out, finishing moves, etc., they are prepare for almost any situations in future games.  

The same is true in marriage.   “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”.  In pursuit of one’s dream, it is good to have a team.  In marriage, the team consists of you and your spouse.  It is imperative that one pick the right person for his team less the dream dies.  Women often dream of a husband who is at least six feet tall with a body that so fit that he has a six pack stomach. This dream includes a six figure income. Men may dream of a woman that is a sweet, lady in streets, but a freak in the sheets.    While every marriage relationship is unique with individual needs and desires, there are fundamentals of every marriage.  If one is to have a lasting marriage, then he must learn C.H.E.A.T.  Communication, Hesitation, Exaltation, Appreciation, and Toleration (“I am the Marrying Kind,” pg. 41).  It is natural to want to bypass the fundamentals and get to more advance part of the relationship. Beware! The dream works when the team has worked the fundamentals.

One must be careful not to be too picky (It is easy to pick, pick, nick picky until there is no one to pick from) while at the same time, being picky enough to be prudent.  

Choose a partner that has similar values and work ethics as you.  Choose a person who knows there is no “I” in “TEAM.” 

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