Slow Down

October 1, 2015


Poetry from Author of "Insprired By Destiny" and "If I Could Rewrite The Poetry"






Women Slow Down

Riding on life’s highway

On breezes ever quickly passing

Through the fingertips of life

Taking on challenges

Tomorrow always promising a break

Ships of freedom riding the deck of promise

Lonely rhythms of peace

Promising a moment of silence

Stealing a moment for a break

To gain a little strength to

to get on the highway of life

and ride just a little while longer

Suddenly crashing into a wall of tiredness

Not understanding this stressful feeling

Back breaking misery is knocking

What’s this knocking at the door of my heart?

The quiet knock is starting to roar

The silence of my sleepless night is being interrupted

The knocking now louder and louder

Calling me endlessly

Painful sorrow of weary living catching up with me

What’s this knocking?

I want to answer but I’m just to tired

From the painful sorrow of weary living

And when I’m not tired, I’m just too busy

The job, the kids, my man, the dog

And don’t forget the little tiny goldfish

And they’re all depending on me

But now I’m supposed to answer the door?

This headache starts 

I can’t take the knock any longer

This headache filled with the pressures of everyday living

I just don’t have time

The fast paced living I’m exposed to everyday of my life

Is drowning me in an emotional sea of destitute

Please knock no longer

I’ll open up

I rolled out of bed on my knees

Oh Master, what is this knock?

What’s this knock trying to tell me?

Women everywhere pacing themselves

after the cares of this life

shouldering more than just their share

struggling with the moaning’s

of many negative arrows piercing spirits

Emotions are wrapped up in tiredness

Sister, in the midst of a busy schedules

Take the time to experience God

In everywoman there is a unique Godly quality

Distinct from any creature

But today, my sisters

slow down, experience God

Let’s celebrate womanhood



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