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Growing up I was extremely shy. I was invisibly shy. My friends today don't believe that. I was afraid of everything and would internally have panic attacks about everything. On the surface there was no expression or reaction but inside I was terrified.


One summer day before my 9th grade year, I was listening to music and thinking about what I wanted my life to look like. I came up with this list:


1. I was going to try anything that was interesting to me rather my friends thought it was cool or not.

2. All of my life changing decisions I would wait to make until I was 25.

3. No drugs ever, no alcohol until 21, no tattoos til 25, no sex without true love and no regrets.

4. I was going to be as helpful as I can to everyone.

5. I was going to try to inspire anyone I could.


I followed those rules to my life and I enjoyed high school to the fullest. I joined clubs, different sports, I would leave home at 7am and return to 7pm. No regrets.
When I left high school I had no map so it was difficult for me to figure out who I was as an adult. I struggled to find where I belonged. In 2010, I found myself with a 3 year old, a failing business, bouncing from pillow to post and in a "complicated"  relationship. I was at my bottom. I could no longer live this way. I was ready to start my real life and that clearly wasn't it.

I decide that I was going to revisit who I was and revamp my life. My new mantra was Wife, Mother, Mogul. That was what I wanted. I took a hard look at who I was and decided to live my truth. I was never going to be a wife in my complicated relationship. I couldn't be a great mother if I couldn't provide for my daughter and I was never going to be a mogul if I continued to be scared of my potential. I made lots of changes to be the MinkLady I am today...but I am not finished yet.

I am living the life that I want and I want to inspire others to live their best life a.k.a. Minklife and that is why I started this website; to inspire others, to share my story and the stories of others who live the lives that they always wanted.


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